Friday, February 17, 2012

Dreams or Nightmares

I had two dreams, two dreams on the same night...about the same man, the same man, with the same outcome.  He left me.  He left me alone, he walked out and he didn't come back.  Were these dreams of deja vu or a look into my future...or both?  Dreaming of my past or looking down my road ahead?  Don't really want to think about my past or and I sure don't want to relive it.  I guess they were more like nightmares!

Encourage One Another

Post Script:  February 27, 2012
Another dream...  on a dinner date with him at a funky restaurant hotel, he stopped by and whispered in the ears of two different women that he was "just looking at your ass".  The second one was sitting on the ground on a step.  As we were walking out he leaned down to her with a swagger and a look on his face, this disgusting (to me) kind of fake self confident smile, and whispered this to her "I was just looking at your ass".  I just walked on, walked off, was leaving.  This is not his style...not his sober style.  I don't remember much about the first one incident with the first woman, other than it was a whisper in her ear as he was behind me.  But I could tell he didn't really care if I saw him or not.  It was him, but it was the old him.  Perhaps this dream is the result of him recently mentioning the name of that woman again sitting down for a "long" lunch at the table again, or perhaps because I am dealing with an addiction issue with my young cousin of late and that type of behavior, though not one of my cousins, it just is a reminder.  I don't know what precipitated this dream this morning...I just know I had it.  In the dream I let him know that I saw and I knew and I cussed him and said something and walked off, as if I was no longer going to be with him or participate in that.  He followed and went into something about us not being able to look at any more horses...I didn't know we were looking for horses...I thought we were having dinner.  Don't know what that was about other than that is sort of of one of my dreams...having maybe it was the dreams way of saying with him horses will not be your dream...who knows.  But it's too many dreams in too short a time.  I got right up and wrote this one down...all I can remember.  Looking back at the first entry I see that I didn't mention "this woman".  Maybe I wanted to protect her I don't know but she probably has no interest in him, but she played and flirted and teased with him, including me, but I feel she does the same thing when I am not there.  He likes that...makes him feel good, feel special.  I  know him.  Women making on over him or flattering him...gets his attention quick. Except for the fact she is the x-wife of a friend, I suspect he would be after her already.

PSS:  These dreams were about the same man.

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