Sunday, December 16, 2012

I Won the Lotto and I Didn't Even Gamble

Extraordinary!  That is what my last 7 days were.
First, I spend Monday through Wednesday with my daughter in Las Vegas.  We didn't gamble really.  We didn't even know exactly how.  We shopped and walked and watched the National Finals Rodeo twice!  We got massages in a fabulous spa.  We dined like princesses.  We had filet minion in our hotel room for breakfast.  We drank mimosa's and champagne.  We laughed and we cheered.  It was a great week.  I was a bit disappointed that I did not get to connect with my friend Lee Ann, but I "snapped out of it" and moved on.

Our only set back was my daughter came home to a family full of stomach virus and a house full of germs.  She got it too several days later.  All are recovering now.

Then today I got a phone call from T-Paw who said "I've hired a helicopter.  What are the kids doing this afternoon?  Want to come over and ride in it?"  Well, yeah!  Consider me there.  I've never ridden in a helicopter.  Never really given it a lot of thought, but it sounded awesome.  Baby Gray and his dad were headed over too but my daughter unfortunately was still not feeling quite up to par so she stayed home.  BG, my SNL and I headed out first in the Ranger while T-Paw stayed at the house continuing to finish up some cake baking he had started.  Our Ranger group headed off into the pasture looking for deer and hogs.  BG was able to sit on my lap and drive the Ranger almost by himself.

We were fortunate enough to see deer and hogs on our drive.  When we went to find the horses for Baby Gray, we found Mosey with a couple of big cuts along his forearms and legs.  We got him back to the barn and doctored him up some.  There was nothing to stitch up, and it was really too old anyway, but a couple of pretty big jagged scrapes.  BG even had time for a little "giddy up Mosey".

About that time the helicopter showed up.  BG, his dad and I were on the second leg for going up.  BG had not brought a coat along and they told us it was cool up there so we had to make do with one of T-Paws old jackets.  BG looked sort of like a Pac Man.

BG had a great time.  He was not scared not one bit, of the helicopter or riding in it.  What a big brave courageous boy!!

After Baby Gray's short ride I was able to go with some other folks for a longer ride over the ranch.  It was so so cool.  This particular type of helicopter had no doors or anything, just open sided.  I was brave and courageous too!

What an amazing week.  Within 7 days I did two phenomenal things I had never done before...attend the National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas and rode in a helicopter.  This week did feel sort of like winning the lotto!  And Baby Gray did two things he had never done and fly!

A big shout out to JT/T-Paw for making those two things possible!  He's got a generous spirit for sure.  Here's to a week of once in a life times and hope I get to do that agains!  Blessings abounding for me for sure!

Ephesians 1:3
Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us in the heavenly realms with every spiritual blessing in Christ.

Encourage One Another, continuing the journey on fresh paths.

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