Sunday, March 27, 2016

The Sounds of Spring

Sitting on the porch.  Second day of spring.  The daytime
sounds are incredible.  Thank you God for my hearing.  After 62 years, it's still crazy good.  I can hear the birds snacking on the bird seed in the feeders.  I can her the coyotes to the right and to the left.  I can hear my cat "Birdie" purring and mewing nest to me, asking to be rubbed and held.  I can hear the windmill creaking in the pasture next door.  I can hear the flutter of bird wings, the red Cardinals peep, the dove's cooing.

It's a glorious day in the neighborhood.  Praise God.


  1. You have created such
    a magical way of living, when I look at the pictures of your baked goods,
    it reminds me of my grandma's bakery, thirty two years, of creating bread and cakes I'll never forget the aroma :)

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