Thursday, September 29, 2011

Few and Far Between

Tonight I was suppose to babysit my grandson.  He is just starting to recognize I am someone of significance and he reaches his arms out for me to pick him up.  Oh how I love that!  Both my daughter and son in law were to be busy with activities this evening.  I happen to be in town and fortunately for me, I got the call.  My son in law's activity was to be outside and for heaven's sake guess what happened?  It rained!!!  His activity got canceled.  He came home early.  He ended up giving the baby his bath, getting him ready for bed, rocking and reading to him and putting him down.  I was sad and disappointed.  The days are few and far between that I get to take care of my baby.  It is nice when he and I are all alone so we can focus just on each other.  Anyway, guess I'll just wait for another opportunity!

Encourage one another

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