Saturday, October 1, 2011

End of an Era

On Thursday, one of my dad's best friends passed away.  Gil and my dad had been friends for years.  Their wives, Marie and my mom were best friends.  They loved each other like sisters.  My mom passed away first and several years later Marie joined her in heaven.  Gil and my dad talked a lot about their wives, their lives, and the feelings about life.  They were both lonely without their true loves.  They shared many things with each other that they never shared with anyone else.  My mom and Marie did the same.  They also prayed together and they loved each other's  When my dad passed away a little over a year ago, Gil was very sad being the last one left behind.  He grieved for all of them.  Thursday he joined them.  There is no doubt a big domino game with their original partners was being played when Gil went home!  We will miss you all!

Encourage one another

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