Sunday, January 22, 2012

Kickin It Up A Notch

Well, mostly when I ride I just do a trail ride.  There is very little effort on the part of myself or my horse.  We are lazy, both of us.  We just amble, stroll, mosey along.  We just look around and enjoy the scenery, taking life as it goes.
Every now and then I take a look at my sluggish behavior and decide I need to "kick it up a notch".  So that's what I decided in regard to my riding.  Actually both of us will be healthier if we move at a little quicker pace.
So here is the plan, which we started last week.  There are a couple of riding paths that I consistently ride on.  I have an App on my phone called "Runkeeper" that logs your time and distance.  So on 1/18 I set it and off we went.  Two miles is the magic number I came up with.  Mosey (that's the name of my pony) did it pretty easily.  I don't know if he was ready to get to the end of two miles as I was, but we both managed to make it to then end.  He travels between 7:59 and 9:21 miles per hour.  I have decided we will travel at the pace he decides for a while until we build up some endurance.  Then we will either go a little further or move a little faster.  But somehow we will keep "kicking it up a notch", slowly but surely.  It does make my back a little sore, probably his too.  So we'll work into it.
In the meantime I'm considering joining the Y again.  I haven't been walking as much lately either so somehow my body needs to get moving.  I'd like to go watch the three classes (that's all that really interests me) they have at the Y and see what they do.  If they look good, guess I'll join.
So I'll let you know how it goes...stay tuned.

Encourage One Another

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