Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My Latest Obsession

Friday Night Lights...the TV series and this young man...  

taylor kitsch - "Riggs" FNLs
Taylor Kitsch - "Riggs" FNLs

I know, I know, he's young enough to be my son!  But there is just something about this charismatic young man and his kind, kid loving heart that just steals mine.  I accidentally happened upon this show when my daughter mentioned she was watching it on Netflix.  She didn't say a whole lot about the actual show except that she really like it.  It was a take off from an actual movie made out here in west Texas, Odessa, about an actual team and it's coach who struggled to win the state title some years ago.  Once I started watching FNLs, I could not and cannot stop...until it's over.  It has a great story line about a coach, his family, his team, his life, their faith (God and prayer are included without this show and I really like that) and life in a small town where football is the center of everyone's life.  They all live for football.  It's real life small town Texas.  It does bring back Friday nights in our local town watching our high school boys (including my son in law) winning district!  In the show, "Riggs" is not the quarterback. He's not the academic scholar or the fair haired boy.  He's the bad boy/good boy.  He is the one trying to find his way, trying to do the right thing and often walking down the wrong path.  He loves the girls.  He loves beer.  He loves his brother.  And he loves kids.  His character is one of the few football players that continues to remain in the series into the 4th season.  There are only 5 seasons.  I'm getting nervous about the fact that the end is nearing...especially when I watch a couple of shows a day.  But I'm anxious to see how it all turns out for Riggs, how they end his character.  I am hopeful that it is a "happy ever after" ending where he finds the "right" girl, he falls in love with her and her with him and he can be content and lead a successful adult life, loving God, his wife and his family forever and ever.  Regardless of the ending, I'm sure there will be tears.  I'll let you know how it all turns out.
I'm down to 2 shows left before the FINAL season!

Continuing my journey...down fresh paths.
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  1. Always looking for something to watch other than mainstream TV. I will check this out!