Sunday, July 22, 2012

Agua Dulce (Sweet Water)

Well, you've seen me write about the irrigation system in the cotton patch.  Since the farmer fixed the pump area and there are few leaks at that spot, the water doesn't pool like it use to so Mosey could get a drink.  He still stops and stares at the water, but unfortunately he knows that drinking is not an option.  Well today he figured out something else.  He can drink from the sprinkler head on the big irrigation sprinkler.  I've walked him through these sprinklers while they were running with water going everywhere however, we never stopped to check them out.  Today we did.  He got the drift immediately.  He and running water are old friends as he loves to drink out of the water hose as well.  But here he is, getting him a big ole drink of sweet water after a hot ride.  He's as happy as a fish in water!
 If you look close you can see his tongue!

Water from the other spouts were spraying him all around his face and chest.  He thought it was raining.
This is one happy boy!

Encourage One Another

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