Monday, October 15, 2012

Sneaky Pete's First Escape

Sneaky Pete AKA Ikey
Saturday afternoon I stuck my head and my camera out the front door to get a quick picture of something.  Little did I  know or see or hear, "Sneaky Pete" creep out the door without me seeing him.  I went back inside to finish what I was doing...some more organizing and unpacking that there is still plenty of to be done.  Anyway, I was standing beside my bed where there is a big window viewing the side yard of the house.  All the sudden I see this white flash go by....IKEY!  I hear guns, dove hunters, in the distance.  That is what sent him home!  He hates thunder and the sounds of guns and there is nothing that will send him by my side any sooner.  I rushed to the front door to let him in and I wanted to give him the "what for" verbally, but upon looking at him, scared and wanting his mama, I chose to just give him the "stink eye" grab him up and love him for coming home!  I did give him a little soft spoken speech about going outside without me know it, which he ignored.
Phew, what a close call.  No telling how long it would have been before I noticed he was not in the house.  I doubt he had gotten any further than the side yard, but on that particular day, the sad death of a dove brought my puppy flying home!

Psalm 121:7
The LORD will keep you from all harm— he will watch over your life;
(and Ikey too!)

Encourage one another, continuing the journey on fresh paths.

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