Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Everybody's Blogging It

First day of spring here at the little house had a bite of "brrrrr" to the wind.  I postponed my walk to let the sun rise a little higher in the sky.
Instead of a rooster, a Mockingbird has been waking us up...literally.  He even likes to sing right outside the window on the front porch.

Ikey and I have begun "porching" again.

Welcome Spring, even though cooler days are what I really enjoy.  God if you chose, give us some nice 70 degree days, some breezy not WINDY days, some perfect days for riding, picnics and walks and rain.
Thanks for the flowers we are already seeing and
sightings of migrating birds.

The pecans and the mesquites are blooming.

Spring is here, March 20th, 2013.

Acts 14:17
Yet he has not left himself without testimony: He has shown kindness by giving you rain from heaven and crops in their seasons; he provides you with plenty of food and fills your hearts with joy.”

Encourage One Another, continuing the journey on fresh paths.

Blessings and love to you, xoxo.

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  1. Happy spring to you, raining on the coast but it's been glorious in the garden for over a month at home. I hear ya on cool wind free days... For the next 3 months the winds HOWL by the sea, like living at the train station and the bullet train never stop!

    Wonder spring shots~