Thursday, May 25, 2017

The Photo Shoot--One of My Best Days

Photography.  I LOVE IT!  There is just something about taking photos of things I love that make my heart happy.  God's creatures and his creations are my favorite.  I wish I knew more about Photoshop and other edit programs that enhance your photos...I'll put that on my "goal" list!

I recently had a photographer from Austin do a photo shoot with my horse and I.  I can take the photos of my horse, and do all the time, however, getting me in the photo too would be a real trick.  So I had to have someone else do it.  I would love to have taken more time, gotten more emotional shots, waited for his ears to be perked forward...a number of things.  However, when the photographer is not me, it's their call.  He did get some great shots that I love.
This one is sweet, sans the crooked halter!
This one turned out really well too.

There's a back story on this dress.  When I started planning the photo shoot and what I might want to wear I wanted a long cream or white dress.  I had one!  I had purchased some time ago from someone so it was not new, but it would be perfect with a jean jacket over it.  Well I looked and looked for it and finally believed I had taken it to a friend to sell in an estate sale.  I even emailed her and said "do you by any chance still have it?"  She said no.  So I went searching for a replacement.  I really love this two piece outfit I found at Glory Bs in Geronimo.  It's a sleeveless top prairie skirt with a very sheer beaded long sleeve top over it.  A perfect replacement.  A few days later I found the original dress!  I'm saving it for the photos with my other horse!

So I planned all my outfits, down to getting my suede shotgun leggings repaired, buying a leather belt  to put my once won Reserve Champion belt buckle on, snap cowboy shirts, borrowing a cute shorter dress and a white tee shirt and denim shorts for the bareback shot.  Hats, boots, flowers, braids, the whole nine yards!

The morning of I went to the barn and swept out the concrete floor room, not really used for anything but overrun stuff.  It worked well though for what I needed.  I took a fan and left the door open and it was actually pretty cool in there.  The day was cloudy (a little sad as there are no sunset shots) however, it made for a cooler day.  Here's all my stuff!

Seriously as this life dream was coming to be a reality I wanted it to be as perfect as it could be.  I planned it for months, from purchasing a new beautiful halter, to guessing when Mosey would be shedding his winter coat, to finding tail whitening shampoo to which socks to wear, and deciding to be barefoot in the bareback shot with an ankle bracelet I got on my last vacation with my mom.
It's often in the details that the best shots are taken, so I wanted to think things through.
 It's also often however, that the best shots are the ones you don't expect.  That's where a good photographer comes in, spontaneous photos without the pose.

 After the bath.
 Everything done at the barn...headed to hair and makeup!
Below, headed back to the barn after the final shot!

Even though he didn't perk his ears up every time, he was a champ.  He was patient and quiet and a great partner. Kisses and hugs of love to you.  What an amazing day.

The photographer sent me less than 100 photos.  I would have taken hundreds.  Some, he said, were out of focus or the light was not good.  I usually shoot on automatic.  It takes the guessing out and it also usually gives me great shots...just the truth.   I'm not sure which photos I will actually create photographs with.  Maybe I'll make a photo book.  I love that we did it.   I love that it was one of my best days.

While I speak of all the details and all the planning I did, most importantly, God is in the details.  While I speak of all I did to get it ready, I know without a doubt He's the one who truly made it all happen.  Anytime you've been dreaming of something all your life, and it comes true, God is in there, you can be sure.   The way I found this photographer, just asking for one on a public site...that had to be God.  The photographer told me "taking photos of a woman and her horse is on my bucket list!"  Really?  And he saw my post?  Coincidence is not in my vocabulary.  I thank God for this day and every day to follow where he knows my heart about something and he answers those prayers.  I'm working to line my dreams up with his dreams, as I'm sure his dreams are more than I can imagine.   (Eph 3:20 Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us).  So in the meantime, I'll try to be patient to wait and see what He has planned for me next.

 And oh by the way, I'd love to get some shots of my other retired gelding, Smash.  Maybe I will just set up my tripod!!!

"The armies of heaven were following him, riding on white horses and dressed in fine linen, white and clean."  Rev 19:14

Encourage One Another and build each other up.  I Thes 5:11
Continuing the journey on fresh paths.
Blessings and love to you, xoxo

"She never shook the stars from their appointed courses, but she loved her God and she rode good horses!"