Thursday, July 27, 2017

He is a God of Miracles!

While at Girl Scout camp in west Texas  (I was at camp for 16 days doing riding instruction) a "big thing" happened.  My sister's horse became ill, major colic!  I wanted to be with her, although she said "no, stay there" it didn't help my heart any.  She actually got the "surgery or euthanasia" call!  She decided with the recommendations of a friend to give him a little more time...thank God.  He was however, critical to the point of apparent needing to be "put down".  So the friend movement started and the prayer  chain moved into full force.  So God being the God that he is, provided a miracle!  A true miracle.  From death to live.  Here is Chief in his glory, just resting on a hot summer day.
While as I remained at camp, at my sister's insistence, my friends there supported me in my need to be with my sister in such a difficult time.  And in the meantime, glorious God's plan was to save Chief.  Eight days after admittance to the hospital, he arrived home, healthy, yet a few lost pounds.
He remains today eating, drinking, grazing at home and doing well.  My sister, relieved and blessed, continues to care for him and is hopeful their riding will continue soon.
My guy, who just happens to be distantly related, is waiting patiently for his healing.
You can see the resemblance.  My guy awaits his healing.  I am a gal who believes in the healing power of God.  I will not give up.  I will go down proclaiming a healing.  I pray for healing of this guy...and this guy...
Never give up...Type One, we are taking you down too!  In the name of Jesus!

Encourage One Another...
"Now you’re healed and whole. Live well, live blessed! Be healed of your plague.” Mark 6:34

"She never shook the stars from their appointed courses, but she loved her God and she rode good horses!"

Love to you and be blessed....