Monday, January 3, 2011

Home Sweet Home

Absolutely nothing like sleeping in your own bed. I finally did so last night after two weeks of sleeping in someone else's bed, or several! My sheets are just the best, soft and smooth. LOVE them. I have two sets now. I could not stand to wait a week till they were changed again. I like the room to be cold when I sleep too. So only at my house do I truly get to regulate the temperature like I want to. I like the window open with the cold night air blowing in. I like the fan on to keep the air circulating. Whether I sleep in my "night clothes" or my "birthday suit' depends on the temperature and my mood. Sometimes that changes during the night. Ikey and I have sort of a ritual when we hit the sack. He gets in first and then as I get in, he circles around on top of me till he is on my chest. Then I rub him and talk to him until he gets sleepy eyed. He will roll over on his back and let me rub his belly until his eyes roll back in his head a bit. We become one. He likes to snuggle down deep into the covers and keep warm. He also likes to "spoon". The fact that he is only about 15-18" long means he doesn't cover a lot of "territory", however, it is welcomed. He makes those ever present circles like dogs do, then hunkers down and stays pretty still for most of the night. He will accommodate me when I move and vice versa. We are good sleeping partners. We are just good buddies. He always rejoyces when I get home, runs to meet me, wiggles to get into my arms. Then we hug and kiss a bit and he runs out the door as fast as he can. He's just the best. He makes coming home a joy. It takes a while to make a house a home. But truly, where ever there is love, and companionship, a home is. Coming home...ahhh!

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