Friday, January 14, 2011

Sleeping in

Wow.  It was cold this morning.  Ikey and I decided to sleep in...well, we stayed in bed till 11.  Is that sleeping in.  Got up early and made my smoothie.  Ikey had already gotten up to go out and ended up in his "pink" bed.  Once the smoothie was made I said..."headed back up to coming".  And here he came.  First he needs a rub, a pet, a belly scratch, then he snuggles up under the covers and delivers his heat to me.  Ok, he is not much heat, he's a Chihuahua after all.  But it's the idea.  Me, him, back to bed...that's what it's all about.  No reason to rush to get up.  After all it's 30 degrees and cloudy outside.  Who wants to get out in that.  I checked out some new blog sites and reviewed all my regular stuff.  Wish I'd had a movie to watch.  Maybe next time.  But overall, I had a good and productive day.  Grill cheese for lunch, long ride on the pony, paid my taxes, then cleaned up all the leaves in my yard.  I wore my new pink North Face shirt along w/ my rose "wild rag" that my honey gave me.  With my bosenberry vest on top...I was pretty colorful.  Also wore my new fleece lined tights to ride in and they were the most fabulous thing.  Tonight I lit my fireplace because it is still cold outside.  I actually cooked dinner...Panko covered pork chops, butter noodles, and brocoliflower.  Top it off with some champagne, "Hope Floats",  to end a super day.

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