Thursday, March 8, 2012

Has Spring Really Sprung?

Has Spring Really Sprung

OK, for me life is good today.  I am just not ready for summer.  I am not ready for hot weather or humidity of any kind.  I know it's coming.  I know it's inevitable.  I know it's like the tide, ready or not, hear I come.  In fact, yesterday, March 8th, it was 80 degrees here in west Texas; no really 80 degrees.  However, today, it's more like winter than summer, woo hoo!  It's about 40 something degrees with the wind blowing and howling like "ole man winter".  It's cloudy, no sun today.  Love it!  It calls for hunkering down.  So that's what we are doing.  Perfect excuse for hot soup or chili, cornbread and a blazing fire.  I just added the "day" log my brother in law calls them...big heavy and thick enough to last all day.  The type of log to throw on if your not going to be able to "tend" the fire for a bit or a few hours.  It just burns, creates coals and keeps it burning.  My little condo is cozy in here now.  "Warm as toast and happier than most" one of my daughter's books use to say.   That's us.  Ikey and I that is.  He's all curled up in my lap sleeping like a big dog.  

Tomorrow the forecast says "wintery mix".  As for Ikey and I, we're ready.  Plenty of food, plenty of hot tea and more than enough firewood.  So no matter if it's 80 or 30, life will be good.  God will make sure of that.  

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