Tuesday, April 12, 2011

When We Were Young

My sister and me…when we were young we didn't get along at all.  I mean, we fought like cats and dogs.  All through elementary, junior high and high school we had little to do with each other!  She eventually got out of school and so did I.  We went off to different colleges and then both married. She moved to northern west Texas and me to south central Texas , miles apart.  We used to meet in the middle at our parents for holidays.  Somehow in our 20s we began to see the importance of ourselves as sisters.  Since then we have always been close.  She was there for me through two divorces.  In fact, the second one I moved to west Texas and moved in with her and her husband for a time, until I found a place to buy.  That's been over 4 years ago.  She, her husband and I have grown very close since then.  He is more like a brother than a brother in law.  They have been very supportive, helpful, and encouraging over that time.  Our relationship really changed again when I moved out here.  I had an opportunity to see how she lives day to day; how she is as a person to others; I saw her as others see her, not just as my sister.  She is a very giving special person.  She has lifetime friends.  She is loyal and trustworthy and I love her for all those things.  She is a lot like our mother.  If I was going to desire to be like someone, it would be my mother…and my sister. 
When our dad died in July (2010), our lives changed forever.  In the blink of an eye, or literally just hours after we saw him and hugged him good-bye he was gone.  Immortality was foremost in our minds.  The shortness of a lifetime was all I could think of for a while.  It put an urgency in everything I did or wanted to do.  Both our parents were gone.  She and I became the older generation.  We were in this alone now.  Since she is older than me, I'm sure she even had different feelings. 
We are still dealing with our father's death, when 7 months later, my sister has been diagnosed with breast cancer.  She has already had surgery and the cancer is gone from her body. We thank God for that.  We know for sure life is unpredictable.  Just when you think your catching your breath, life tosses you another curve. 
However, I have learned something else about my sister.  She is brave.  She is courageous.  She is faithful.  She is confident.  She is determined to do everything possible to be here for a long time.  She is pressing positively forward with the shadow of chemotherapy ahead of her.  She is moving forward with strength and determination.  She is going in with full armor and persistence like none I've seen before.  She gives me strength through her strength.  She said yesterday "I think I'm gonna be ok".  I believe her.  I'm counting on it. 

Encourage One Another

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