Friday, April 29, 2011

Christian Royalty

Well, who would have thought I would set my alarm for 4:54 on April 29, 2011.  Yesterday I was looking forward to sleeping late today.  However, last night there was so much talk about the royal wedding today, I decided I wanted to be a part of this history...even if only by television.  I had seen an itinerary yesterday which was down to the minute about everything.  It included who left where when; who arrived where when; what they would be riding in and what time the actual wedding started...after everyone arrived of course.  I don't now much about the Royals, but I suspected that the times would follow exactly as they had stated.  So I set my alarm for just a few minutes before 5am.  Sure enough, at that point Cate had just gotten into her car and was riding to the church.  She got there at 5am (our time) on the dot!  When everything was ready she and her dad strolled down the aisle.  She looked very happy.  She smiled all the way to the end.  William and Harry were waiting at the front of the church for her.  There was some whispering that went on, some more smiling and then the service.  The ceremony was very traditional.  The vows were sweet.  The priest started the ceremony with "every wedding is a royal wedding.  We are all children of the "King".  Wow, knocked me over.  After the traditional vows and William put the ring on her finger they sat down.  A service was held and he spoke about faithfulness, commitment, love, and forever.  He spoke of Jesus throughout the ceremony.  It was truly fabulous.  There was no mass, no communion, no big Catholic hurrah.  It was simple, sweet and beautiful.  At the end of the service the priest said a blessing for everyone watching.  I felt a blessing in my heart.  That was cool.  When they walked out of the church they both looked happy.  He looked a little more nervous than her.  They boarded an incredible open horse drawn carriage and rode to Buckingham Palace...still smiling.  After they went inside the palace it was going to be awhile before they were to kiss on the balcony.   So I set the alarm again for 7:20am this time and took a little nap.  Sure enough, right after I woke up again, they walked out onto the balcony and shortly thereafter, William kissed Cate.  It was short but sweet.  They waved, talked, smiled and took it all in.  In a few more minutes William kissed her again, creating history.  No prince had kissed the princess twice on the balcony after they were married.  I was so glad I had witnessed history first hand.  I'm sure the wedding has been played a zillion times on YouTube today.  I didn't see William drive Cate off in their sports car in real time.  But what a way to their own vehicle, and not telling anyone that they planned to do that.  They are going off someplace secret on their honeymoon, then going home to a 5 room home where she will cook dinner daily and William may even mow the yard.  They just want to be normal for a while...until they become the King and Queen.  I suspect that will be years from now.  In the meantime, the prince and princess hopefully and prayerfully will live happily ever after.

Encourage one another

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