Sunday, May 1, 2011

Benefit BBQ Judging

OK, truly I had been looking forward to the annual BBQ that benefits the place I work.  I am sort of the liaison between the staff and the folks at the BBQ so it was my job to get volunteers to judge the event.  I had about 9 folks volunteer along with a couple of husbands, and 7 and two others showed up.  A good turn out I thought.  We found our places.  Some of us were at the "finals" table where we only had to judge 10 of the very best.  But I had to do that FIVE times.  At the other preliminary table they were judging TWENTY NINE entries.  Seriously just thinking about that made me feel sick.  Let me fill in a blank here...I don't really even like beef.  This was primarily a BEEF contest.  Of all we tried, which included fajitas (only one was decent), brisket (all bad), ribs (one stand out), chicken (I could have eaten any of them for dinner) and desserts (several stand-outs). Oh, I forgot to mention between each entry we were to douse our tastes with crachers or cheese or grapes.  So the amount of food eaten was outlandish!  Actually judging the desserts was an honor and I was selected to be part of that judging team. By the time it was over I was more than ready to go.  I had stayed and helped hand out the awards.  It was a good day over all and I'm sure a lot of money was donated.  Oh, did I mention that after the judging I was invited to a little party for my sister.  I got there about 7.  Guess what was for dinner?!?!

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