Monday, May 2, 2011

Day One of Treatment One

Today was my sister's first day of chemo.  She spent 4:45 minutes in the doctors office, about 2 hours of that in the chemo room. 
Every time I would think of that poison going into her vein it made me think of the guys on death row waiting to be euthanized.  It was that same
Feeling/thought in my mind…ugh. My brother in law went with her for the treatment, so once again I was just on the outside waiting to hear from those
On the inside.  It was counting down the minutes, the texts, the almost there, almost there minutes.  Everybody else in the world going about
Their business like it was nothing.  For us it was life changing.  Like when someone dies and everyone goes home and back to their lives and you are still their
Dealing with the aftermath.  Well supposedly the "aftermath" doesn't start until between 24 and 48 after.  My brother in law did really well on sending me texts
This time and keeping me in the loop of what was happening.  He even sent me a photo when they got started.  My sister was looking at her IPhone and smiling.
Turns out she was playing Spider Solitaire.  She said when she called when she was through…"that was nothing".  So until something else happens
we'll just keep moving forward…my brother in law, my smiling courageous sister and me.

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