Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Posting the Trot Update

Post the Trot Update
Well, we are still at it, albeit with a few missed days. However, I did not set out to do this daily, just each time I rode. Between the cold windy weather and allergies, the posting days have been intermittent. Over the past weekend I burned about an eighth of a cord of firewood. It was very cold and very windy with no way to ride. The pony stayed blanketed. I made his barn available to him, but he's a bit odd where the barn is concerned. He does not want to be in it. While it can rain and sleet and he could be all dry inside, he prefers to just be out in it. Even though he can see out, he just does not like to be inside or confined. On Monday however, the weather took a 180 and was sunny and in the 60s. The wind blew until about 4:30 and then quieted down. We got a good ride in for about an hour and a half.
We started 1/17 and have trotted 11 times. We increased from 2 miles to 2.3 miles and yesterday to 2.55 miles in 22.25 minutes. Me doing body pump at the Y has lessened my back stress posting, so that is good. Mosey is trotting between 9.15 minutes and 8.39 (yesterday the longest distance) minute miles. Compared to him walking about 20 minute miles this is a huge move for him.
So I'll be gone keeping the baby for a week and we'll have to start out again next Monday (along with starting Body Pump again). We've got plenty of time though. I'm retired!!

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