Thursday, July 5, 2012

Living Water

Two things.
I'm packing...well, I'm purging my house in preparation for packing.  Friday I found a small yellow card with a scripture or  prayer written on it that use to hang on the mirror in my bedroom back home.
I was delighted to find it.  I use to read it every day.  It said,

"God, whose grace overflows at times we find ourselves in a dry and weary land, lead us to streams in the desert.  Quench the thirst of our souls with your living water".

Today as I was riding I thought of the scripture again.
Last year I wrote about my horse and I finding this "oasis" in the desert which was created by an irrigation system in the cotton field.  Well, it's irrigation time again in west Texas and last Saturday, the "creek was flowing".  My horse could not get enough.  He drank and played and pawed and stuck his head in the water.

On Sunday when we rode again it was not on.  He truly was very disappointed.  Both times going past it in both directions he just stopped and stared.  I felt so bad for him.
Well, today, praise God, the system was watering again.  Today he did the same thing, drinking and walking through the water.

We could see it from a distance.

After drinking, he just stopped and rested and enjoyed the water bouncing off his head.  He was at peace feeling what felt like rain.
What came to mind for me, was the scripture I had just read.  How God will create a stream in the desert to quench our souls.  He will truly let water or his word flow into us to revive us, to give our souls living water.
For that I am truly thankful.
And to the cotton farmer I am also thankful.  He gives my horse a reprieve from the heat, from the dry dusty earth and waters his soul as well.

Glory be to God!

I tried to find this scripture in "Bible Gateway" but could not find it exactly under several translations so I am not sure if it is a scripture or a prayer.  Either way there are a number of scriptures in the Bible expressing the same thing.

NOTE TO ME who has a short memory...I put this card back where I found it in the Justin boot box with my buckles and belts.

Continuing the journey, with fresh paths.
Encourage one another

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