Friday, July 20, 2012

Reality Set In

I've known for a while that things were not and would not ever be the same, but the reality of it is seriously starting to set in. About a year ago, on the place east of town, gravel roads, oil platforms, oil rigs, oil tanks, refining equipment, oil and water trucks, pick ups trucks, strangers, and every imaginable type of oil well equipment started to take over that property. And the caliche dust from all that was unbelievable. It literally covered everything! Tons of trees were bulldozed and chopped up. No longer was the most foreign thing on that property the barbed wire fence. The prospective loss of wildlife was immense, from birds, rabbits, possums, squirrels, hogs and deer. What remained alive has long sense left the area. When I saw it I cried. One of my worst fears was that that same atmosphere would take over the “ranch”. I voiced that fear and was assured that would not happen.
The truth is, it has. All those same things are now taking over the ranch. New gravel roads are everywhere. Traffic signs like speed limits, no littering, Yield and Stop signs need to be there. Privacy, safety, solitude, and peacefulness are virtually non-existant.
As you know, I'm a walker. This morning I tried to do my 3/4 mile walk. I tried to stay off the dirt pasture roads. This time of year the pasture trails can be a concern for tall grass, awful green stickers and thorns, pesky mosquitoes and more importantly snakes. I knew there was a chance that trucks would travel down the road but thought I'd take a chance. Upon staying on the limestone however, pick ups and big trucks zoomed past me with no regard for the rising dust that was filling my lungs. I eventually covered my mouth with my shirt so as to take it all in and walked at the most rapid pace I could to get back to the house. It was an extremely unpleasant experience. I will not do it again. Thoughts of the dollars replacing the place of peace, comfort and family heritage this ranch use to be just didn't seem enough. But then, it's not up to me. None of it. So, once again life changes. Progress, or something like that, takes the place of the nice simple life, the simple life I love so much. I love this place.  Part of my heart is here.  And my next worse fear, the inability to ride my horse there, looms on the horizon!

Encourage One Another

Continuing the journey with fresh paths.

PS I don't have any pictures of limestone or caliche dust!

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  1. Sad, sad....I do not like change...and yet look where I am at this stage of my life. Heartbreaking, especially to see the loss of the wildlife. Progress...not all it is cracked up to be.