Saturday, February 23, 2013

A Visit From My Sister

How exciting when my sister called and said "hey, can I come visit?  Are you busy?"  I said "heck no, when you comin'?"  So we made a plan!

She arrived Wednesday evening.

I had cooked smothered dove, Texamati Rice, Vegas garlic toast and a green salad with Romaine, cucumbers, olives, avocado and Olive Garden Dressing!  I greeted her with a glass of champagne (one of our adult beverages of choice) and a sit on the porch.  It was a perfect evening for sitting out.  We enjoyed our dinner about an hour later.

After dinner we had a nice quiet visit and headed to bed about 11.  I gave her my room and Ikey and I slept on the sofa.  It was actually pretty comfortable.  I've slept on it before but didn't remember it being comfortable.  Everybody slept well.

We woke up to a beautiful day.  I heated up some of my homemade cinnamon rolls that I had frozen since last October.

I wasn't sure that they would still be good so I also baked some yummy little pigs in the blanket.  Turns out the cinnamon rolls were DELICIOUS.  So we had some of both along with coffee for her and tea for me out on the front porch.  We sat outside for a couple of hours.  It was almost hot, close to 80, and all the sudden a front blew in and lowered the temperature about 10 degrees and windy.  We headed inside to take on the first project.

I'd been in the process of making a "list" of little projects for her to help me with for the last couple of days.  Just things that I'd been needing to do for a while and needed a second opinion or second set of hands.

We consulted and moved furniture on paper in the second bedroom until we had several options and determined that a 48" shelving unit would fit after all, not just the 36".  That had been my next biggest question about that room.  We also moved things around to determine the art work table could go in front of the west facing window, not just the south window where the sun comes in ALL day.  Check!

Next I got out the fabric samples and the final decision there was that there is yet to be a final decision after all.  That project still has a way to go.  Boo on that!  Check.

We looked at the 2 different valances I have up on the windows in my bedroom.  We determined the off white ones looked the best.  We hung those.  Check!

Those two painted horse canvas photos I bought at Home Goods several months ago had been waiting to be hung.  She helped me position, measure and hang those.  Check!

A few weeks ago I purchased 4 canvas wrapped prints, 16 x 20, to go over the fireplace.  Since I took them I have been wanting to make canvas wrapped prints of some of the wild horses I photographed in September 2011 in New Mexico.  She helped me determine how many, which direction they should go, and which prints to to select to go on the canvas'.  The result, 3 horizontal.  Check!
Here are the ones we decided on.

We did all that yesterday. We rewarded ourselves with a few glasses of champagne on the front porch!  It was a fabulous evening outside and we sat out there until after dark.  Porching remains one of the greatest things out here at the little house.

For dinner I cooked her tomato and Panko topped baked Tilapia, steamed cauliflower and broccoli, and that same great salad with Olive Garden dressing.  Seriously yum!

Wow.  She needs to come more often so I can get more things done.  This morning that cold front made it too cold and windy to sit outside so we had our blueberry muffins inside at the bar.  After that she stripped the bed, stuck the sheets in the washer, helped me re-make up the bed and we just sat and visited until she had to leave.

What a fabulous day and a half.  I miss her so much, my sister.  In Midland we use to see each other weekly for sure and often more often.  It has been a bit of a withdrawal not seeing her all the time.  However, we are close and distance is just a blip in the microsphere.  Is that a word?  I am so so blessed to have a sister who loves me not matter what.  Seriously, no matter what, she loves me and I love her.  Do you have that with someone?  With our parents being gone, who both loved both of us no matter what, they passed it on to us, love for each other and that same unconditional love for our children.  Unconditional love!  A blessing.

So here's to sisters, and love, and family and blessings.  I hope you have even a little bit of all!

Psalm 100:5
For the Lord is good and his love endures forever; his faithfulness continues through all generations.

Encourage One Another, continuing the journey on fresh paths.

Blessings and love to you, xoxo

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