Sunday, March 4, 2012

Desk Review

I Have This Desk

Nine years ago my dad had an estate sale.  He got remarried and had to  purge everything, or almost everything, that belonged to he and my mother...lots of things my mother loved.  That's another story.  Anyway, he wanted us to take whatever we wanted first.  One of the things I good was a heavy seven drawer Maple desk.  It's a nice desk, if you like Maple, and it has some good storage space.  It got some water damage in my other house on the top so it is not in as good a shape as when I got it.  Really, it's too dark and heavy looking and I don't like Maple. It's just not me.

My mom loved Maple and her house was full of it.  I kept it so long because my dad gave it to me.  Sadly my dad is gone and I have been thinking of getting rid of it.  It's just too big and doesn't fit in.  Well, yesterday I had an idea.  What about painting it?  I've got a friend who is doing a LOT of redoing and painting furniture so I asked her opinion.  She said "do it".  So now all I have to do is decide about the color of paint.  Well I also might need to start with painting something get the knack of it.  I don't remember the last time I painted a piece of furniture.  I actually have several pieces of furniture I'd like to paint.  One is a little table my great grandfather made.  My grandmother  painted it a hundred this will be one hundred and one.  Then I have a little drop leave oak table my grandmother also painted repeatedly.  I tried to strip it once but had very bad luck.  We'll see how this all goes.  Leonardo di Vinci I am not!

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