Friday, March 9, 2012

Ice Cream and Elephants

OK, Feb. 1st I joined the Y.  I decided it was time to stop being so lazy and try to get more fit...not to mention lose the pounds I gained back that I had originally lost.  I have been doing "Body Pump" three days a week and either Zumba or Body Combat 2 days ago...along with the "posting the trot" Mosey and I do.  I also work on the weight machines or Body Pump day and do at least 20 extra minutes of cardio on Zumba/BC day.  Sans about 3-400 Calories I accidentally put in twice in February, the following is the results for February.
I did not see any weight change until this week really...minus 2 pounds.  THat has held up for 3-4 days so I guess it is true.  it gives me a little more motivation to not eat certain things, not eat bad things, high calorie things, because I've worked really really hard for those few simple pounds.  My goal is not really necessarily to lose weight as it is to be able to fit comfortably into some white NYDJ and some black NYDJ that I bought a while back.  If I can do will be worth it.
So come ice cream and elephants for March...I hope it shows the elephant and me wearing those jeans!!!

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