Saturday, March 3, 2012

Eww Eww Eww, Garage Sales Were Calling

Don't remember the last time I "planned" to go garage "sailing".  I've accidentally stopped by a few in the last few years, but not in forever planned to get up early and go.  Well, I didn't get up when the alarm went up after all but I was on the road before 9.  I got several do dads, and things, and stuff, but several pretty cool items.
First off I saw these sort of burnt umber Dan Post Boots.  They said 8 1/2B (B usually denotes a woman's size).  I wear an 8 1/2 shoe but usually a 7 1/2 boot...but that's in a Justin.  So I tried these on and they fit pretty good.  With regular riding socks, they should fit fine....especially if I'm just going to dress "cowgirl up".  They have a few nicks and scrapes, but over all when the man said $2, I said "I'll take 'em".

You know I can always use these a planters or vases if I decide I don't like the way they fit.  Have you seen those?  SO stinkin' cute.  Actually either fill with soil and plant something inside, or add a vase or jar filled with water and flowers and they are just fabulous!  For this price I can do whatever!
The guy also had an old typewriter.  Now I know these things are collectibles, but no idea about their value.  He told me yesterday he was asking $25.  I knew he was trying to shut the sale down so I offered $5.  He said "I'll take it"...I said "box it up".  I found out it's worth $30 - $40 so it was a good buy.

My next spot I found a cute hand made wooden tool box with a handle.  No idea where I'll put it yet, but I really liked it.  It would be cute painted but  I sort of like it "naked".  We'll see how that goes.

I made it to the high school band sale and although I purchased a few things...I ended up donating a little too.  I told them I'd planned to be there earlier but since what I probably would have bought was already gone I'd just donate that money anyway.  They were appreciative.  There I found a little hanger for belts, but I "upcycled" it to hang my necklaces on...I've been looking for just that it worked out perfect.  I also found that old Golden Book with the little girl on front about it.  Deal of the day, .50.
Oh, and yesterday I couldn't pass up an estate sale.  There I purchased three original small oil paintings by the home owner and two very old drawing books.

She had a fabulous little glassed in studio off her inside patio that would have been great inspiration.  It needed a window that she could open in my opinion but other than that it was a great little nook.  I suspect when it was loaded with her stuff it was awesome.  It had been slimmed down to some art books and some canvases and didn't really looked lived in.  I hope wherever she is she is able to do art.  It was an inspiring art day!
Oh, and one more thing.  I got these "exfoliating" gloves that you use in the shower.  They are fabulous and work wonders on my very dry skin.  End with some great smelling lotion and your all set for summer with shorts and short sleeves!
It's interesting the folks you see at thrift stores and garage sales...they are very similar.  They are mostly hustling to find the best deal.  Sometimes in a small town you see the same people at every sale.  They buy a lot of "trinkets".  I suspect they may recycle them as gifts...good idea.  My friend says she likes to give old things as gifts.  I'd love that.
OK, so that's it for a while.
It's time to purge some of my old for the new.  I have a date with my resale place to take some of MY stuff in a week or two.  I've got a pile going but I better get a better start on that.  Those dates are few and far between.  She's busy taking in everyones purging!
Happy treasure hunting!

Encourage one another.

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