Thursday, March 1, 2012

Treasure Hunt Find of the Week

OK, I did a little treasure hunting this week.  I found a couple of cool things at my second favorite store.  I found a hand painted sunflower gold/yellow tile with an A (for Annie) in the middle for a metal trivet I purchased recently with a broken tile in the middle.  I found another little bit larger tile/trivet hand painted with ivy and a pretty cursive T.  Then I found one with a horse and carriage scene hand painted in 1953 by Mildred.  It was a day for tiles/trivets.

Most specifically today because you know what today is....the day the percentages go down 25% at my favorite resale shop, I got a couple of things I'd been watching...
A "Fuller" brush (very old), a turquoise ball jar and some vintage art pencils that you can use as watercolors.  I also found an old hand painted cool tin canister with a rooster on it that I decided to keep my dog food in instead of Tupperware.  It's dark green with reds and yellow chippy paint.  They were all $1 each.

I found a turquoise (you know how that's become my favorite color of the moment) basket weave bowl of sorts with hand painted ceramic fruit in it.  Pretty.

However, my favorite treasure of the week, which I had not seen before, was a Woolrich charcoal gray denim "barn coat" with red and black plaid flannel lining and a black corduroy collar.  It said "medium" so I was not sure it would fit, but it was a perfect fit.  It is long, about mid thigh, perfect for wearing with boots, riding, or just hanging out.  In fact I wore it around the store and it was 70 something degrees outside...wore it all the way home.  It will look so much better with almost anything than the flannel shirts I've been wearing (but do LOVE).  I love this coat and can hardly wait for a perfect weather day to wear it.  I've already sort of visualized me wearing it w/ my tall black boots, black cowboy hat, white shirt, scarf and jeans.  It's gonna be great.  Although the last few days have been in the high 70s, I'm hopefully cool weather is not over.  It's a light weight coat so really most nights it will still probably be perfect.

So, let me just say it was a good week for treasure hunting.  Once I get to wear my "new outfit", maybe I'll take a photo!  Til then, happy hunting!

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