Saturday, September 10, 2011

Spend Thrift

My daughter might absolutely freak if she knew I took her/my baby boy into two thrift shops today.  She hates those and says they smell.  I on the other hand love to "treasure hunt" in those.  First shop, no luck.  We even searched the book section but found nothing noteworthy.  OK, second stop, bingo.  I found a fabulous stone khaki colored barn coat from Eddie Bauer and an Old Navy denim jacket!  I actually went in looking for a worn well and washed flannel shirt to leave at the ranch, but decided $3.99 was too much to pay for those and bought these instead.  For the price the EB will make a great car or riding coat and the denim I can wear with anything to work.  Now all I need is some COOL weather.  Jesus willing it is not too far away!

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