Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Eagle Has Landed

OK, when I started at the Y February 1st, I really had no specific goal except to get more fit.  I'd been a bit of a slug since my retirement November 1st and needed to get moving.  I committed to myself to 2 months of doing some class or the other several days a week at the Y.  If I had a goal, it was not a certain amount of weight to lose, it was to get into some NYDJ white jeans I bought a couple of years ago that were too tight and uncomfortable for me to wear.  (Those jeans cost more than any other jeans I've ever bought and I couldn't wear them).  Once I figured out which classes I liked best I showed up 5 days a week at 8:45a.m.  Body Combat 2 days and Body Pump 3 days as that's just how it fell.  I did some work on the weight machines after classes.  I found myself sore all the time.  My daughter and my trainers told me I was doing too much and my muscles never had time to rest.  More cardio was suggested.  So after a month or so of doing not necessarily the right thing, after the class I started walking a couple of miles.  I'd just leave and walk 30-35 minutes in the neighborhood (I don't like treadmills), return to my car in the Y parking lot and then go home.  In early April I introduced myself to a gal in my classes and after a few days of just visiting with her I asked her if she wanted to walk with me after class.  She said yes.  We have been walking ever since.  We have become very close friends.  She calls our time a "therapy" session.  We both get a lot out of it.  We started out walking that 2 miles or so and have now worked into a minimum of 4 miles five days a week.  We did that most of May.  During that time I weighed daily at the Y.  I watched the pounds go down slowly but surely and counted them backwards from my starting weight.  I was glad to see them go.  It was nice to see some evidence of my work, even though it didn't seem to be much, about 2 pounds a month.  Some how the number "minus 10" just kept being the number I was striving for.
Today 'the eagle has landed".  The scale said minus 10 from the day I started.  Woo Freakin Hoo!  Somewhere along the way I was hoping that I would get that minus 10 pounds before my reunion.  My 40th high school reunion is tomorrow.  Two eagles!  I don't remember the last time I saw this number on the scale.
I was very happy with my stats last month at the Y as well.  I apologize, however, I'm going to brag a little.  I was second woman over all in calories worked off (19,715) and second woman in cardio (over 50 hours).  I was first in my age group in all categories.  Today I looked at my total overall stats.  Since Feb 1st when I started counting at the Y I have biked 53 miles (not that many), walked 177 miles (over 94 of those were in May) and worked off 54,094 calories!  OK, really, that's a lot of calories I think!  Add how ever many classes of Body Pump and Body Combat (quite a few) and you have someone who has worked pretty hard for those 10 pounds.
This month the Y started a competition to "walk/trot across Texas 770 miles".  My friend and I signed up. We are VERY competitive.  She's about 20 years younger than really.  She was not happy that I "beat" her over all last month.  She is at this thing with a vengence.  Whoever of us gets the 770 miles first has to buy the other one lunch.  It's good to have a little competition I think.  Keeps me moving and keeps me honest.
Over all my Y experience has been a good one.  From day one when I looked in on the "Silver Sneakers" and the water aerobic exercise classes and said to myself "no Robin, those are not for have to do more than that" until now, I believe I have kicked it up a notch or two.  I'm not ready to match my daughter in her half marathons or even RUN a race, but I'd be willing to bet I'm a lot more fit than many folks I know, my age or otherwise.  I'd be willing to bet I can fight you in some body combat and give you a lickin if I needed to.  I know for a fact I can lift more weight than when I started.  I know I work until I sweat and then I sweat some more.  My trainer friend Sara told me I was her "inspiration" story that she thought about and tells people about,  I like that,  how she found me in the hall peeping in that Silver Sneakers class window that day and how she sees me now.  Thanks Sara for those words of confidence and encouragement that day.  You have made me a better person.

And oh, by the way, those white jeans....they are way too big!!!

"I can do all things with Christ who strengthens me." Phil 4:12-14

Encourage one another

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