Sunday, November 3, 2013

"Is It Real?"

I have found out that you can't fool a squirrel.

Back in the summer I went to Tractor Supply to buy a squirrel feeder and some corn to feed them.  They are constantly trying to steel from the bird feeders and doing all sorts of acrobats to get inside them.
(See that here...

So I thought I'd make it a little easier for them.

They had these "prefab" corn cobs that were actually corn somehow molded together to be round and long.  They didn't really look like a corn cob but seemed easier to manage than a big bag of dried corn on the cob, so I bought them.  I thought they'd be happy to have anything.

Well, I was wrong.  Let me tell you again, you cannot fool a squirrel that a prefab corn cob is a real one.  I think I saw a squirrel there one time and never again.  The ONLY thing that had anything to do with those things were the grasshoppers during the grasshopper plague!  I ended up throwing them over the fence thinking maybe something more grateful or hungrier might eat them, like the grasshoppers.

So off to the store I went and purchased a big bag of those dried corn cobs and voila, the squirrels are everywhere and they are so happy.  

Here's the one that discovered the real thing.

 "Yum, now this is what I'm talking about!"
 "Let me just try a few more bites to be sure."
"What are you looking at lady?  Thanks for realizing we are not easily fooled.  Thanks for getting us something we really like."
"See you later ma'am, but I'll be back."

Well, they have been back.  They seem to throw a lot of corn on the ground too, so I let them clean most of that up before they get another cob.  I'm wondering if I'll have stalks of corn growing under this oak tree in the spring.

I love being able to watch them out my glass storm door (a new addition) from my chair in the living room.  The squirrels are also enjoying the many acorns growing on these trees.  It's harvest time and they are taking advantage of the plenty!

Genesis 8:22
“As long as the earth endures, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night will never cease.”

Encourage one another, continuing the journey on fresh paths.
Blessings and love to you, xoxo.

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