Thursday, January 13, 2011

Back in the Saddle Again

Truthfully, do you understand how good it feels to be in your saddle on your horse? Someone elses horse is one thing. Someone elses saddle is all together different. I purchased this saddle about 10 years ago and have never regretted it. It's light, it sits my ass down low, and it just feels good. These saddles have a great re-sale value too. This saddle is worth close to what it cost. But I wouldn't sell it. Nope, not in a million years. Well, maybe in a million years if the price was right. There is just something about the comfort of your own saddle though and everybody feels it. Your saddle is just right for you. It's comfortable, relaxing and settles in to your horses back. Even my horses like this saddle. It doesn't weigh as much as most saddles because it is minus the tree inside the saddle, which makes it weigh a lot less than most saddle. This works in the horses advantage. Since there is no tree, it also makes the saddle much more flexible and it tends to move with the horse. Nothing pinches him. He likes that. I like that. I want him to be comfortable and relaxed. If horses are not comfortable, they will fidgit, wring their tails, or throw their head. It's aggrivating. Plus, it's just more comfortable for me to ride him when he's quiet. I know what he's going to do, pretty much when he's going to do it. I can just feel it, or see it coming. He's a pretty quiet guy and has not had issues with the cold or the wind lately. I like that. I am so grateful when he just plods along in his lazy attitude and never misses a beat. That makes it so easy on me. I like quiet, comfortable, easy going horses, and Mosey is one. So truthfully, I am looking forward to a long weekend with hours in my saddle on my horse. The end!

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