Monday, January 17, 2011

From Fleece to Sleeveless, Only in Texas

Ok, really.  The weather?  Who can tell from moment to moment, day to day what the weather will actually be like in Texas.  And from one forecaster to another, there is just nothing that reflects the same information.  This morning when I got up it was 30 degrees.  It warmed up but who thought it would warm up so quickly.  I wore a fleece shirt and fleece tights to ride.  I took along a fleece vest since it was suppose to be windy.  By the time I caught my guy, brushed him down and was ready to saddle. I thought "I gotta change clothes...I'm gonna burn up here".  So tied him up well and headed to the house.  I put on a "sleeveless" shirt and sunscreen!  Who would'a ever thought it possible.  I rode for hours that way.  No long sleeves, no vest needed.  Last time I saw a thermometer it said 74 degrees.   Really?  In Texas?  In the dead of winter?  In January?  OK, I give up.  I just want to be comfortable.  I wore one of my brand new Eddie Bauer cotton Ts that is just fabulous.  Stretchy, soft, flexible and hot pink.  My second hot pink shirt of the season.  It might just be my new color!  So besides all the clothes changing, it was another fabulous day to ride, albeit a bit windy.  Two hours and a floppy hat in my face later we were headed to the house.  Love it.  Four days in a row of riding.  God is truly good!  Gotta love that west Texas more day.

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