Monday, January 31, 2011

From the Back of a Horse

From the back of the horse, things do look different.  To start with, I'm taller and I can see further.  Sometimes while riding I know I can see over the brush or the weeds next to us while my pony cannot.  I might see something over there I think might frighten him and I'm happy really that he is not tall enough to get a clear look at that, only I am.  It's actually a pretty long way to the ground from where my eyes are as I sit on his back.  His back is close to 5' off the ground.  By the time you add the saddle and me from the waist up, that's another 3 feet.  So can we say 8' just for general principals.  In west Texas where I ride you can truly see for miles, especially when you're way up off the ground.  From the flat brown dusty cotton fields I can look to the west and see all the buildings downtown.  I'm guessing town must be on a hill of sorts as even over the distant houses you can see it.  It's a little bit of an oxymoron to be riding in the country and be able to see the tall buildings of the city don't you think? 
From the back of the horse I also feel more restful, more peaceful, more confident.  While I am not a "fearless" rider, I know I am a good rider.  I know that I have a lot of control over something that weighs about 8 times more than I do.  I know how powerful he is and how with the movement of my hand I can manage his movement.  I can stop him, move him forward, or give him some other signal.  That is a pretty powerful place to be.  I like the way I look on a horse.  I like being a "cowgirl".  Those things add to my confidence.  And the peaceful part…that just comes from that simple, quiet plodding down the path with only the shuffle of the sand, the sounds of the birds and wind in my ear, with an occasional train whistle in the distance.  The unrestfulness of the previous week seems to fade away and my heart and soul are re-filled with what I need to get through the next week.  It's always been that way or at least as long as I can remember.  My body use to be worn out by the end of the week.  My head was filled with the heartache that my job held and my soul was weary.  These days my life is not so hard, but the re-filling is something I cannot do with out.  Yesterday while riding a gal said to me "what a beautiful horse"!  I said "oh thank you".  She said "I miss riding so much" and I said "I know what you men.  I couldn't live without it" and while my first thought is to say "I don't think that I could, what I really mean is I don't think I would like to, I know that I "could".  It makes me grateful for my health, my finances and my ability that this can be a part of my life.  For that God, I am truly thankful.  From the back of the horse, I am truly blessed!

Encourage One Another

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