Sunday, February 6, 2011

A Quiet Super Bowl Sunday

It's cold here in Texas.  You've seen it on the news.  In the past week snow has fallen all over the south.  The have shut down schools as far down as the coast.  Really, those folks have little experience driving on any kind of precipitation.  Today, they are forecasting snow really.  So the skies are cloudy, the air is damp, the wind is blowing and I'm tucked inside with my house shoes on.  Ikey has taken residence in my lap, making very difficult to hold the laptop and type.  (Ever known a dog who was jealous of a laptop?  Mine is.)  So here we are watching the old "True Grit" and loving every minute of our Sunday afternoon.  The fireplace has created the ambiance and the candles the scent of the wild.  These are the kind of restful days I enjoy.  Everybody needs them.  Either snuggled up with a good book or an old movie...and a loved one if you have one.  Ikey fills that bill for me.  So who knows if I'll catch the Super Bowl or not?  I do know whose playing but it doesn't really matter because I don't care who wins.  So may the team with the best day win.  Me, I'm going to just enjoy the peace and quiet of a God filled Sunday.  Hope you get to do the same.

Encourage One Another

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