Monday, February 28, 2011

Houston, Really Why Would Anyone Live and Work Here?

Hub bub...truly, either that or "rat race" that is what I would say about Houston.  Add concrete, pavement and tall buildings and there is just not much else.  OK, I'm from west Texas where all you can see are dirt, dust, and tumbleweeds right now and here you can't even see dirt or grass.  You couldn't find the sunset or the sunrise or even know which direction to look to find it.  Oh, and I forgot to mention, everywhere and parking lots on the ground and in the air.  You have to park in the air because there is no land to park on, it's covered with streets, highways and traffic lights.  And people, did I mention people?  There in the cars, walking the streets filling up all the buildings.  The city is just not the place for me.  Ok, while some days I'm cussing the dust and the wind, give me clear skies, limited street lights, dogs barking and kids on bikes any day.  Midland, I miss you!

Encourage one another!

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