Wednesday, February 16, 2011

He's a Loner but He's Lonely

Horses are independent.  On the other hand they are a herd animal.  So where does the "twain" meet after all.  He has some friends who are neighbors.  They sniff and bite and paw and carry on with each other across the fence.  They pace with each other.  They nicker at long distances.  They can recognize each other a half a mile away.  When you get him by himself though, he wants to be the boss, el patron, numero uno, the cat's meow.  He wants to be the alpha.  But wait.  I'm the human.  I'm the alpha.  I have to be in charge.  I have to be in control.  Otherwise the place is amuck, crazy, wild and insane.  Even though he is tons (literally) bigger than me, I have to be the respected one.  Otherwise somebody could get hurt.  And that somebody is me.  Generally he settles down and takes his place.  And both of us are happy.

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