Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Houston, Correction

OK, I have to say, there is more to Houston than concrete and pavement.  It's already spring here.  Yesterday afternoon there were singing birds everywhere.  The dove in the trees were singing like a choir.  I didn't recognize the song but it was pretty.  Mockingbirds were claiming the tallest trees.  Squirrels scampered everywhere.  I saw a couple of blooming redbud trees.  Today I walked to Hermann Park. Jasmine were climbing fences.  Pansies had been planted in many flower beds.  The gray squirrels have taken over the park and Rice University.  They were so cute.  The oak trees are huge and fabulous, some over a hundred years old.  The cover the trail and provide lots of shade.  The temperature was about 67 degrees today.  Runners and walkers, dogs and bikers were all over the place.  Most were smiling.  Some were in a hurry, some were just ambling along.  Me, I'm someplace between a hurry and an amble.  I try to walk between 15 and 16 minute miles.  I usually walk 2 to 3 miles at a time.  My walk today was extremely pleasant.  This kind of weather and scenery make walking so much more enjoyable.  Helps me know that walking for my health is a good idea.  So spring, even tho you are 15 days away, bring it on.

Encourage one another!

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