Sunday, March 20, 2011

I Saw My First Robin Today

That's always my first sign of spring, that and when the mesquite and pecan trees start to bloom.  so far no blooms visual yet but with 80 degree weather forecasted this week it is literally just a matter of a few days I suspect.  I got a couple of photos on my iPhone but didn't check yet to see if they came out.  This morning on my 4 mile walk I actually saw several Robins.  They were all in desperate search for worms and bugs.  Busy they were.  I don't know where they go when they leave here, but leave here they do.  There lots of places for a little while then they go someplace else.  They have beautiful blue eggs.  Robin's egg blue they are called.  My eyes are blue and my name is Robin...a connection.  I've never seen a baby Robin.  I guess there are nests of them some where.  There are pictures of them everywhere.  I have a number of them myself.  I have one my mom painted hanging in my bathroom.  She copied a card and painted it.  I love that picture.  So did I tell you I love Robins.  I do.

Encourage One Another

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