Friday, March 18, 2011

I Never Grow Tired of Going "Old"

I tried to get away from it.  I haven't been to an estate sale, tag sale, rummage sale, garage sale, or thrift store in a year.  I went "cold turkey" on those.  I sold stuff, donated stuff, packed up stuff, and gave away stuff.  I tried not to look at photos of it and steered clear of most magazine harboring the stuff.  But the truth is, and I can't deny it, I still love old stuff.  It's just part of my heart.  There's a connection I can't describe.  "Vintage"…that’s' the "new" name for it.  "Antiques", "old crap" and "trash" are other names for it.  For me, I call them "treasures". 
Yesterday it all got started again.  It was my drop off day at the local thrift store.  I've been cleaning out my house (purging and staging it to sell it) for 6-8 months now.  I've been dropping things off to resale to the owner and my friend (she's become a dear friend) Bev pretty often, every few months.  I've avoided going into the store to "just look around" up until yesterday.  Yesterday I went inside.  The first thing I saw was a little brown and gold ceramic horse made in Japan .  I collect little horses (because you know I love horse).  I carried him around the entire time I was in the store.  My next find was a handmade sock doll.  I had recently taken a little interest in them and looked some up on EBay.  I "watched" a few but did not make any purchases.  This little sock doll was almost pathetic, but she had a charm I could not turn down.  When I looked at her price I knew I would be taking her home.  Next item I spied was a bright yellow Pyrex dish.  It was the perfect size for a meatloaf.  Finding a temporary spot for them I tucked the doll and the pony inside the dish I packed it around also.  I circled the store, looking at linens, books, baskets, and other items as I pondered what to keep of what I was holding.  I was struggling with "your trying to get rid of stuff; you don't need to take anything home with you; put these back".  On the way back by the shelf w/ the Pyrex dish to consider replacing it I saw on the bottom shelf a very old yellow floral covered casserole dish.  I picked it up to see the price.  It was labeled $49.95, however, this was "pink" label day and EVERYTHING labeled "pink" was $.98.  I mean really, how in the world could I pass it up?  By the end of my shopping trip I talked myself out of buying the little horse (do I really need one more horse) but I sort of tucked him away on the back of his shelf thinking "I'll be back!"  So my three treasured items cost me a whopping $3.99 at the checkout.  My previously sold dropped off items had created some credit for me in the store and I didn't even have to pay anything!  What a deal.  Still feeling a little guilty though, I walked out of the store knowing I'd be back.  Upon getting home and washing my new cookware, I was already planning what to cook in them.  I later made a call to my sister to ask her and my brother in law over for dinner tonight.  Guess what we're having for dinner…meat loaf!

Encourage One Another

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