Sunday, August 28, 2011

The Blessing Was Mine

On Sundays there's an older lady who sits on a street corner up the street selling newspapers.  She's been on that corner for months it seemed.  As it turned out, she's been sitting on that same corner on Sundays for over 2 years.  She waves and smiles to everyone who goes by.  You can't drive by without wanting to smile and wave back.  She just sort of brightens your day.  I have felt compelled for months to stop and talk to her.  But I haven't.  I have, in fact, felt compelled to take her a little gift and something for her pup..but I haven't.  I picked up something for her one day...but it wasn't right.  Friday, I finally found something for her, a scarf.  I really wanted a flower so she could put on her hat...but couldn't find one.  So I bought this pretty yellow scarf instead.  I also made her some chocolate chip cookies.  I put them in a little metal tin.  I wrapped her scarf in tissue and tied it w/ some twine.  I packed a little plastic bag with some treats for her pup.  This morning I delivered them.  Wow, can I just say wow.  I introduced myself and told her that I appreciated her friendliness and her smiles and waves on Sunday's.  I told her I had wanted to stop for months but hadn't.  I told her I see her every Sunday on my way to ride my horse and on my way back home.  She was appreciative of the gift.  She told me she lives close by (which I figured because she rides her scooter to this corner).  I told her if she ever needed anything to call me.  I'd be happy to run to the store for her or help her do something.  She said "I pay someone $10 an hour to do things for me like change a light bulb or do something I can't reach".  I said "no I don't want you to pay me, I just want to offer to help you with something like that if you need help".  She said "well all I really need is someone to pray with me".  I said "I can do that", but I was almost speechless.  She proceeded to tell me some about her life, how she became a Christian 10 years ago; how on Christmas eve ten years ago Christ finally reached her; how even though her father was an atheist and a Jew she always believed in God; she told me about her troubles with her daughter who just got out of jail; she told me she sometimes gives the papers away to folks who don't have money to pay for it but need one to look for a job or a place to live; that there are lots of people with many troubles in the world; that she used to drive a big truck, she was a truck driver; that she writes poetry and songs and often sings while she is there selling papers; I heard about her son and granddaughter who live in Dallas; about her saving her money so she can buy a car so she could drive herself to Dallas and take her dog too...lots of things I learned about her in our short visit today. She quoted scripture, she told me she never gives up, she said God will always come through if you don't give up.  She told me obedience is very important in that result.  She told me the best gift you can give someone is a prayer.  I told her she was very wise.  I felt very blessed.  I gave her my card with my phone number and address on it.  I asked her to call me any time.  She told me she would call me when she got home so that I would have her phone number too.  Her name is Mae...Mae Mae to some.  Her pup's name is Brat.  Although I haven't heard from her this afternoon, I am hopeful she will call.  I have prayed for a Christian friend.  This week God sent two.  If she doesn't end up calling, I'll stop by to see her again next Sunday's when she's selling papers.  I know she'll be waving and smiling at everyone who drives by.

Encourage One Another
The best gift you can give someone is a prayer!

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