Saturday, August 27, 2011

Needle in a Hay Stack

I think I have written enough about my horse that you know he's very important....Love him if you know what I mean.  Here's the deal though.  It's not just not raining where I live, it's not raining anywhere.  There fore, there is no hay, or very little. Literally they are hauling it in here from North Dakota.  Finding hay locally, especially round bales, is like finding a
'needle in a haystack".  There just are very few.  When you do find them, they are very expensive.  The one I just purchased today is twice as much as the one just like it that I purchased in Really!  I mean it's the same exact hay...there are just so few of these bales around that if you have any you are sitting in the cat bird's seat!  Nothing like sitting in the cat bird's seat as there is plenty of money to be made.  So, ole Mose is standing around the hay ring today, happy as a clam, chompin' on some grass hay and swishing his tail.  My brother in law described him today as "fat as a town dog"...well OK, he is still in pretty good shape and I do feed him well.  I don't like thin horses.  I also did a "first" today.  I had that big hay bale loaded in the back of a pick up and drove it to the barn.  Then I got up in the trailer and unloaded it by pushing it off.  It allegedly weighed 880 pounds.  I'm stronger than I thought.  I literally prayed all the way home it would not fall out the back of the truck onto the street.  When I made it to the barn I breathed a huge sigh of relief and said a prayer of gratitude!  You never know what you can do until you try.  Yeah me!  So, in the meantime, if you see any hay for sale on the side of the me...I need another bale!

Encourage one another!

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