Saturday, October 1, 2011

Babysitting Plus One

My daughter asked if I could babysit on Thursday.  She was going one direction and my son in law another.  My boy needed his Annie!  So off I went.  He and I rolled balls, went swinging, played with the train, he crawled, oooched, walked, sang and danced for an hour or so.  I got a text that "dad's" plans got canceled and he was on the way home??  "Oh my" I thought as it is always a bit different when caring for him when one of them is home too.  Dad arrived about the time I was feeding my boy.  For some reason he wasn't too hungry and didn't eat a whole lot.  Usually he eats you out of house and he just wasn't into it.  I pulled off his high chair tray and picked him up to clean him up.  Dad (who I love DEARLY) took him from me and said "I'll give him a bath".  I said "you'll give him a bath"? and he said yes.  (Oh no I thought to myself).  He swooped him off to the bathroom.  Next thing I know he's reading to him, turning on his nightlight and white noise, putting him into bed, and closing the door.  "Good law" I'm thinking, I said "I didn't get to tell him good night".  I rushed in, picked him up, gave him a kiss and laid him back down.  He was out like a light.  I have to admit, while loving my snl, I was very disappointed I did not get to finish my love of bathing my boy and putting him in bed.  Sometimes when he is really tired he lets my rock him a few minutes before putting him down.  I love that, it's just the sweetest thing.  It all works best when I am there alone with him.  Oh well, I know there will be another opportunity...I am his Annie after all!

Encourage one another

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