Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Skip in My Step

OK, have I told you I'm retiring!   The struggle to get to the retirement decision was a difficult one.  It created lots of stress and heartache during the process.  However, coming out on the other side has been a blessing.  While I still have some sadness that comes over me in leaving the projects that I love, like Sunday's Child with my partner Tatum from CBS7, the whole idea of retirement is starting to sink in.  The idea of not getting up to an alarm, not wearing make up every single day, not rushing home to lunch and then back to work, not having the weight of work on my shoulders four or five days a week…those are good ideas.  The idea of riding my horse any time I day I want to, walking (finally) daily again, having lunch with friends, hanging out with my sister, my daughter, my grandchild, spending time with my family…those are good ideas, blessings in fact.  They are creating a noticeable skip in my step. I mean literally, I feel lighter.  Could that possibly be?  Maybe I should check the scale.  And in looking at me, I wonder if anyone else has noticed.

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