Monday, October 3, 2011 the corners of my mind....NOT

OK, what do you do when you remember something a certain way and evidence proves your memory is totally wrong.  It's scary really.  Here's the deal.  I was going out of town to see my grandson...he loves this rubber Timex watch that I have.  I decided to wear that watch to go visit instead of my gold watch...and to leave my gold watch at home.  I didn't want to take them both.  Well, when I got back from the visit the gold watch was not here in my house.  I could not find it anywhere.  I was thinking it had been taken.  When I finally called my friend to say it was missing, they went to look in their bathroom where I had stayed.  Guess what...the watch was there.  NO WAY!!!  I did not take it.  No really, I did not take it, I left it here on purpose.  I have NO IDEA how that watch got there.  I have NO MEMORY of taking there, taking it off, putting in that spot...NONE.  So while I am very relieved to have found it (as I was sick all day at the thought of no longer having it) not remembering anything about it...That's scary.  So ok, if I'm going to lose my memory, I hope I lose it all and soon so I won't remember when I forget or forgot something.

Encourage one another (especially those with fading memories).

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