Monday, September 10, 2012

Porching Weather Report 6:30am 10 Sept 2012

It's 58 degrees; winds-3mph; clear except for few clouds on the horizon, flannel shirt on and light blanket in hand, quiet, peaceful and just this side of heaven. No haze, no fog, clear vision. What are the people in the city doing today!?

Wow I've been anxious for a morning like this to show up so I could sit outside. Here it is. As the sun starts to rise the birds start to pick up their chatter, a few cattle low in the distance and a batch of crickets are still chirping. What a fabulously fabulous morning.

The first real noise is the diesel engine sound and rattling of the school bus coming down the lane. Poor kids, how early must they HAVE to get up. What a long day they must have! I can see the lights of a few cars start to hit the highway. Folks off to work or farmers out to their fields and check their livestock.

For me it's going to be a lazy day at home. Oh, wait, that's most days isn't it? Internet guy is coming hopefully. It won't have to be DAYS later before I am able to post now. That will be great. There's been little internet work in the last 30 days. It's been a bit challenging to find a Wifi spot in the little town I live in. I've been hanging out at the library and McDonalds to do any internet work. No “internet cafes” or cute little hang outs or Starbucks around here! But I've managed. No withdrawals or panic attacks because I can't get to the internet. My iphone has helped but you know it's easy to get WAY up on your internet usage with that. They send you a threatening note, even though you have unlimited access, to “stop that or else!” So today is the day for my own internet finally.

Tonight I'm starting a woman's Bible study class. It'll be held at a small church in another small town close by.  It'll be great to meet some other women living out here in the country close to me. Hopefully I'll meet some new friends or rekindle some relationships with some old friends. The study's about hearing God speak to you. That's exciting.

We're just going to hang out here and enjoy, listen and watch, and wait for the first humming bird. Oh! It's 6:59am, there he is, gotta go!

“Lord, heighten my spiritual senses to see that which is not visible, hear that which is not audible, sense that which is not tangible, believe that which is unbelievable.
Teach me to sort through the noises of this world to hear and discern your powerful, wonderful, pure precious voice.”

Encourage one another...continuing the journey on fresh paths.  

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