Sunday, September 2, 2012

The Perfect Perch

“Blessed are your eyes because they see, and your ears because they hear” Matthew 13:16

Maybe not day one, but shortly after ,I started seeing “the hummers”. I started hearing them. They were at the house but I had nothing for them to eat. I searched in town for hummingbird food to no avail so I came home and made some and got my feeder out that day. Here they came. The second day I saw as many as three of them swooping down around the feeder. They have a very distinct sound. Once you recognize it you can recognize it anywhere. You will know when they are around just by their sound. It's the sound of their wings in flight. They also have a little chirping sound. They seem to be very protective of the feeder once they find it and don't want to share it with the other hummers. They would land in the tree and take in the scenery, watching for others and then swooping around to run them off. I finally put up a second feeder.

 They are just the tiniest, coolest little birds. They come and go. They seem to like the morning and evening best. They pose for photos. They are different colors. The photos do not always pick up the colors very well, however. My camera lens needs to be a little bit longer. The red throated one is really pretty in person.

As days go on, they are becoming more curious and friendly. This guy (or someone like him) sat up on “the perfect hummingbird perch” for a good while this morning and then came back and sat again and then came back and sat some more. He became a frequent percher. Then two of them started swooping and circling and dashing by the feeder. Then they flew right in front of me on the porch, I'd say less than 6 feet from me and just stopped in mid air and checked me out. Literally, they stopped in mid air. Only their wings were moving, rapidly. They just hovered there and gawked at me
, I don't know, five seconds maybe. It was amazing really. Of course I didn't get that on camera. In fact, they would have been too close for the long lens that's on my camera! That's close. That's real close.

It's becoming a real bird watching festival out here at 'the little house”.

I'll share about the woodpeckers later. Right now they are hammering over my shoulder!

Encourage One Another...continuing the journey on fresh paths.

Post Script
I like to add a scripture to my posts now and sometimes I'm not sure which one to add. This post was one of those unsure ones in fact in my draft I had written at the top “scripture??”. As I was reading a devotional this morning I came upon THIS scripture. Could it not be more perfect? Is God the director of our lives or what!? Blessed? Truly I am!

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