Thursday, September 6, 2012

Post Script Hummers Update

Genesis 2:20
So the man gave names to all the livestock, the birds in the sky and all the wild animals. 

There are almost daily updates on the hummers. Thursday five hummers were spotted at the same time circling my two feeders. They were swooping and buzzing around like bees. It's sort of like a “zzzzzzzztt” sound or a “bbbbzzzzz” when they fly. Their verbal sound is like morse code “dt dt dt......dt dt dt” sporatic and choppy.
Then they showed up again yesterday, all five of them. There was one that particularly stood out. He was iridescent almost florescent green with a full white chest. He sparkled in the sun. He liked the perch too. 

 By far this one, “Sparkle”, and “Red” are the most beautiful.

So far I can identify three different kinds. One is mostly a light brown, the red throated one and this new iridescent green one. If you've got a hummingbird book, send it my way. “My eyes have seen the glory...”

Encourage one another...continuing the journey on fresh paths.

OH MY Goodness. Just as I'm finishing this, a hummer comes on the porch, literally two feet away, checking Ikey and I out. We are eyeball to eyeball. She is fluttering her winds at a most rapid place and suspended in air not moving. Ikey and I remain VERY still. He's looking at her too. He's sharing his porch with her. Just phenomenal!   

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