Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Gift Bag Shopping

Have you ever been shopping just to purchase gift bags for gifts you've already bought...? Your looking at your list, trying to imagine the size. You look at the bags to see if you think they will fit. It really is much easier to save some from last year and match them to this year. Problem is I just don't want to go to the storage unit to get them. Call me lazy. Didn't put a tree up either. Same lazy to go to the storage. I don't want to dig through and find and haul home and then pack them all back up and take them back to the storage when I'm finished. I've done a lot of packing, purging, reselling and moving stuff this year and that storage unit just isn't someplace I want to go. And probably I'll just give all these to my daughter who will be there for Christmas and has already unpacked and put out all her Christmas stuff...she'll have to pack it all back up anyway. So no more unpacking and packing for me until next year. I just hope my gifts fit in the bags!!!

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