Sunday, December 19, 2010

Spring in December

What is it about Texas that lets you have spring in the winter? Consider that Thursday and Friday were really cold, windy, maybe in the 40s and 50s. Yesterday it was cool, and windy. I definitely needed gloves and a wrap. Today on the other hand I needed sunscreen! Short sleeves, bright sun, cool breeze, absolutely fabulous. Mosey and I took a long long walk through the fields. They have harvested the cotton so the fields are bare with just stubble to occasionally trip over. There were several riders with their horses on similar trails as us. We spoke but kept going our different directions. Mose always has to look and glare and gawk for a while at the horses as we pass before he will just move on out. He was a gentleman today, quiet and easy to ride. Occasionally I listen to music while I ride these days. Today was one of those days. Sometimes I just enjoy the quiet. Riding calms me, even if I have some issues to mull over in my mind. That methodic motion, the rhythm of his gait are sort of like rocking in a rocking chair, soothing, comforting. I love watching his mane blow in the wind. It's long and elegant, salt and pepper in color. So we just plod along, blowing up a little dust as we go, and enjoy the weather, and are grateful for the "spring".

Encourage One Another

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