Wednesday, December 8, 2010

It's All About Attitude

Ok, really. It's all about attitude, right? If we have a good one, if we think positive, if we dream big…we can have a huge effect on our outcome. I really do believe that. I mean you read it all the time. It also effects our mood and our relationship to others. Do you really want to be around someone who complains about everything? Do you want to listen to someone who cannot find a right thing in their world today? Day after day they stammer that life isn't treating them right, that someone is to blame, that the weather sucks. No. The people I want to hang with are generally in a good mood. They see life as a blessing. They can tell you at any given time some of those blessings. They smile and laugh easily. They may not always be on top of the world, but generally, they see their life clearly. They are in charge. No one else is to blame for any of their misfortune. Those are the folks I want to spend my time with. They lift us up. They help us see our blessings. They are hopeful and help me be hopeful. They also see God. They see that he blesses us everyday, even in our difficult times. Those are the times for lessons learned and efforts to keep us moving forward. Those are times when we reach out to God and it strengthens our relationship with him. So for today, smell the roses and look for the rainbows on the horizon. You'll be blessed.

Encourage One Another

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